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Please don’t hesitate to call us today for a free over-the-phone quote! Once you call, we will go over the type of items and amount of junk you need removed and give you a quote based on what you tell us. Then we schedule a time for pickup and our junk removal technicians will give you a final price once they are on-site before we haul your junk away once and for all!

                              Toll Free: 1-877-613-JUNK


Our Pledge

All of our junk hauling professionals here at Junk Removal Heroes are held to the highest standards of customer service and work ethic. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.  We make sure to make that evident to each and every customer by the manner in which we treat them, and by the quality of our junk removal services.  Our owners and trash hauling specialists all possess a collective mindset: "even the smallest extra effort or kindness can be the difference between a completely satisfied and happy customer, and a customer who is indifferent."