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house-hold-rubbishJunk Removal Heroes provides fast, courteous and affordable junk removal services in Knoxville, TN. Our local trash hauling team is made up of dedicated professionals who have made it their business to deliver the highest caliber of customer care and junk removal services in Knoxville. Getting rid of piled up junk is a daunting and laborious task to carry out, so we urge you to save yourself the headache and trouble by letting us handle the job for you, start-to-finish. That way you don’t have to worry about properly disposing/recycling your junk, hurting your back lifting junk, or finding the time to do it. What we are saying is: do yourself a huge favor and let the professionals here at Junk Removal Heroes come to your junk hauling rescue! 

Call for a free estimate: (865) 333-4215

Experience the difference with our hard working staff

trash-cleanupWe are on a mission, and it is to rescue our customers from villainous heaps of junk that are cluttering their lives, one Heroic junk removal job at a time. We take great pride in our work and look at it as a way to serve our customers and help improve their quality of life. When you choose us for Knoxville rubbish removal and waste hauling, you can be assured that you are making a good decision for yourself, as well as for the environment because Junk Removal Heroes is committed to recycling any and all waste possible. Lastly, we are a local owner-operated company that truly cares about our customers and giving back to the community. The majority of companies to pick from for junk hauling in Knoxville, TN are part of large sized franchises that don’t offer the same level of affordability and customer satisfaction.

Cleaning up our town, one Knoxville customer at a time!

IMG_4214Junk Removal Heroes has local Knoxville, TN pros. that will tackle any size of diabolical junk pile. In other words, our guys aren’t scared! Some junk hauls can be a breeze, like picking up a couple T.V.s and a mattress. However, other Knoxville junk jobs do require a heroic amount of grit and strength to carryout; like mountains of decaying trash, or thousands of pounds of construction debris (like concrete, brick, or rock for example).

"I shopped around and called a few junk removal companies and was getting discouraged because of some of the shady estimates I was getting. I went with these guys because they were polite on the phone and they were able to give me a good honest estimate over the phone...When they showed up these guys were personable, professional and respectful. They were awesome! I highly recommend these guys for all your junk removal needs." 

by Fernando C. of Knoxville

"I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for help with haul away and junk removal. From my initial call, Jerry, one of the owners, made me feel secure in knowing the job would get done. He offered great customer service, was understanding and friendly. I was clearing out junk and trash left in my grandmothers house after a move and was nervous about being able to get it done all in one day. Jay ensured me it would be done very quickly and completely. The team was so fast at getting the house cleared yet so understanding and compassionate to the emotions that their customers may have while they are getting rid of personal belongings. They were prompt, prepared and professional. It's hard work and these guys do it well! Thank you for making a seemingly impossible and daunting task complete!!!

by Jessica D. of Knoxville

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Our Easy 3 Step Process 

1. Call our local number (865) 333-4215 and talk to one of our friendly junk cleanout specialists who will give you an over-the-phone estimate and schedule a time to meet at your property.

2.  One of our friendly trash pickup technicians will give you a confirmation phone call on the day of service to make sure everything is on schedule.

3.  Upon our arrival Junk Removal Heroes will proceed to quickly and courteously load up and haul away your villainous junk; leaving you with a renewed peace of mind!
  Call us today! (865) 333-4215


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