About Us

Junk Removal Heroes provides a fast, easy and affordable solution for our customers to get rid of old junk and heaps of trash that’s laying around.  We take what we do seriously, and look at it as a way for us to make a difference: 

“By providing local customers with exemplary junk removal services we will improve the quality of their lives, as well as improve the overall quality of the local community.”
                                                                                 – Junk Removal Heroes

Because all of our hauling pros. are locally owned and operated, we are able to deliver an unmatched caliber of professionalism, customer service and affordability.  There are a number of national, corporate style junk removal companies that you can choose from, but their quantity over quality business model prohibits them from offering the same level of personalized service and integrity.  As active members of their local communities, our junk removal associates truly care about making each and every customer feel satisfied with our trash hauling services.

While customer satisfaction is one of our core principles, so are affordability and environmentally sound practices.  We ensure that we our rates are always as competitive as possible and that we will recycle and donate all items that can be salvaged and/or re-used.  We take our responsibility to help make the earth a better place, which is why we not only strive to save our customers from junk, but also save the earth through Heroic green junk removal services.

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We make every effort to operate our business as Green and environmentally friendly as possible!  From electronics and appliances to reusable furniture and clothing, we go out of our way to help reduce unneeded waste and pollution as well as to help out those in our community that are in need.  We want you to be our Heroic partner in helping make the world a better place to live, no matter how big or small the contribution!

"The piles of junk in my garage had been piling up for so many years that eventually, I couldn't even walk through it anymore.  Then I called Junk Removal Heroes.  They weren't only very friendly and helpful, but they were also patient enough to let me sort out a few things that I couldn't get rid of as they worked.  Now my garage can actually be used to park cars in again. Thank you!"
- Kate S.

"When my tenants moved out, they left a giant heap of trash on the side of the house.  I found Junk Removal Heroes online, and they came out the same day to haul it away.  They were professional and affordable.  I would definitely use them again." - Micheal B.
                Call us today to schedule service!         Toll Free: 1-877-613-JUNK