Cut Down on Waste and Recycle

Recycle-SymbolHere at Junk Removal Heroes, we all share a common conviction to recycle as much as we possible can time we fill up our trucks. The key to achieving large scale, global positive changes to the environment is to first have a change in human individual perspective about their effect on the world. The apathetic type of view point, which is all to common, goes something like this: “I’m only one person out of billions, what does it matter what I do in the grand scheme of things”, or “Americans use millions of soda cans a year, it won’t even be a drop in the proverbial bucket if I throw my cans in the trash instead of recycling bin”.

In order to change our habits and global trends of rampant pollution and over consumption, we all must first change minds. Yes we are all just one of billions, but ones make up hundreds, hundreds make up thousands, thousands make up millions, and so on. Our attitudes need to shift towards the type of thinking that goes like: “If we all started being more conscious of our actions and started recycling regularly, just imagine what a difference that would make.” 

Beyond these more philosophical types of changes that need to take place, lets also cover some straight forward factual information about waste and recycling. In 2009, Americans only recycled 34% of all waste created. This translates to an astronomical 161 million tons out of 244 million tons ended up in landfills in just that one year. This further boils down to 21 pounds of garbage generated per week by every single person in the U.S. That’s a lot of waste! The 82 million tons that we were lucky enough to recycle resulted in the CO2 emission reduction equivalent to eliminating 30 million cars off of our roads! Now those numbers are talking.

Here is a breakdown of 2009’s recycling numbers by material. Only 2 million tons of plastic out of 30 million tons we generated were recycled (an abysmal 6%). Over 2.8 billion dollars worth of perfectly recyclable paper ended up in landfills. Enough glass was thrown out that could fill tractor trailers stretching from L.A. to New York. Only 25% of E-waste (computers, tvs, phones, etc.) was recycled.

These numbers really need some improvement. Another key to recycling is how much energy it saves by decreasing the need for additional production of goods. This obviously in turn has a major effect on the entire planet in the form of global warming, which is directly related to energy and carbon footprints. Lets all get together and make a difference. We really don’t have a choice unless we want to ruin the planet.