Junk Removal Heroes Franchise: Lowest Investment & Highest Reward

6 Figure Income
One Mans Trash is Another Man's Treasure
Environmental services (or waste disposal) is a billion dollar industry, and Junk Removal Heroes (JRH) has carved out a very lucrative little slice out of it.  We have tapped into the high consumer demand market for local full-service junk removal that converts into a steady work-flow and high profit margins for our franchise owners.  You will be amazed at how much cash you can generate following our tried-and-true business model and marketing strategy.  Not only is the full-service junk hauling business highly profitable but it is also virtually recession proof.  The American public's need for waste disposal never ceases, even in a slow economy, in which case luxury items and services are the first to be discontinued, whereas waste disposal is a need-to-have commodity type of service.  Joining the Junk Removal Heroes team is not only a smart money-making decision, but a safe choice as well!
Own Your Own Franchise for as Low as $5,000
Many of the other national junk removal franchise's initial franchise fees start at anywhere between $30,000 to $100,000. Now in contrast, Junk Removal Heroes franchisees can buy-in for as low as a $5,000 initial franchise fee (based on minimum territory size). JRH is untouchable in this category...sound to good to be true? We don't blame you for thinking that, but there are a few reasons why JRH stands alone among the other guys. We allow our franchisees to operate their businesses with much more freedom and much less oversight than the bigger franchises. Our franchisees have the option of using their own full-sized pickups and affordable dump trailers, eliminating the immediate high cost of financing mandatory brand-new dump trucks like the other franchises. With less franchise management personnel comes less JRH corporate overhead that in turn allows us to charge remarkably low franchise fees. In fact, our founder Jay Watson works directly with each new franchisee to ensure their success, from help with the day-to-day logistics and estimating, to marketing strategies. We believe in keeping a local small business feel to our franchise, viewing our role to be one of support while our franchisees take the lead.

Dominate the Local Competition Online
Any successful local service business owner will attest that making their phone ring was the biggest initial hurdle to overcome to get their company running. When you join forces with us here at JRH, no need to worry about that. You will benefit from having a tried-and-true online marketing strategy implemented for you by our team of experienced web marketing specialists. Our franchisees enjoy a virtually over-night workflow as their internet campaign starts generating phone calls and online bookings within weeks of launch. We use a multi-pronged internet marketing approach that combines: local website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), local PPC (pay-per-click Google Adwords campaign run by our in-house Google Certified staff members), and local review sites (such as Yelp and Google Places). Because over 85% of local consumers use the internet to find a local business, JRH has spent years developing a turn-key web-based lead generation platform for our franchisees that fills their pipeline with a steady stream of quality customers!
Ongoing Training/Support to Ensure Success
Most of our new franchisees have zero experience in the junk removal field before they become a JRH franchise owner, but that is not a problem because we will provide you with all the training, knowledge and support that you need to succeed! Having built our company from the ground up, our founder Jay Watson has learned all the ins and outs of this business through hard work, long hours and perseverance. As a new franchisee, you can benefit from nearly 10 years of expertise that is packaged up and delivered to you so that all the tools you need to prosper are at your finger tips. We take each franchisee's signing on as a vote of confidence and take it very seriously as your livelihood is at stake. Right off the bat, Jay will assist you directly with the on-boarding process: franchise roll-out (truck, trailer, equipment, marketing launch etc.), corporate set-up (incorporation, insurance, merchant/banking accounts etc.), operations training (sales, marketing, scheduling, estimating, work-flow management) and logistical guidelines. Our goal is to have each franchisee running their business without the "training wheels" on within the first 6 months, however we continue to provide ongoing month-to-month back-end support to keep things going smoothly as well as achieve aggressive revenue growth.

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