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landing page template AZ

landing page template AZ

house-hold-rubbishFor professional and affordable rubbish removal service in [pb-city], just give our local crew a call! As you go through life, it is virtually impossible to avoid the inevitable accumulation of unneeded and/or worn out stuff that simply needs to be junked. Or, sometimes you just need somebody to come pick a bunch of random debris or rubbish that you don’t know how to, or have time to haul away in [pb-city]. Whatever the case may be, do yourself a giant favor and call Junk Removal Heroes [pb-city] to rescue you from the perils of junk.

Call for a free estimate: (480) 535-8692

Experience the difference with our hard working staff

trash-cleanupOur crew of [pb-city] junk hauling pros. is made up of guys who enjoy the physically engaging nature of this kind of work, and are by no means afraid to get their hands dirty. Yes, it takes a man cut of a certain type of cloth to have the grit and fortitude to do this job, day in and day out, but that is exactly the type of guys we hire. Guys who can’t stand cubicles and don’t mind lifting a couple tons (literally) of rubbish every day. We invite you to give us an opportunity to help clear away whatever you need us to in [pb-city]; you won’t regret it!  Call (480) 535-8692


"I don't usually fill out customer service forms like this but my experience was so wonderful that I felt I had to! They came out and took away every last scrap I had and packed it so well in their truck that they got it all in one load and didn't have to come back for a second trip. They were quick, friendly and professional. I would certainly recommend them to a friend." 

- Timothy Spencer
Cleaning up our environment one customer at a time

IMG_4214Junk Removal Heroes has local pros. who will tackle any sized diabolical heap of waste in [pb-city]. In other words, our guys are not scared! Some junk hauls can be a breeze, like picking up a couple T.V.s and a mattress. However, other [pb-city] junk jobs do require a heroic amount of grit and strength to carryout; like mountains of decaying trash, or thousands of pounds of construction debris (like concrete, brick, or rock for example).